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Setting Up Your Pages

Quick Guide:

  • Decide method for display.
  • Create test files.
  • Match the test files to your site.

Sample Pages

Examples save time!

IIS, Active Server Pages (.asp) using VBScript
Select Select
Schedule Schedule
Standings Standings
(coming soon, Registration Page)
Linux (or similar), PHP
Select Select
Schedule Schedule
Standings Standings
(coming soon, Registration Page)

All of these sample pages should be be able to run from your website server, regardless of server Operating System or Server-side scripting language. Select the three files according to your server scripting language (.asp or .php) and display method (server-fetch or iframe) to a directory of your choice within your website then browse to that page.

Style and Links Note: The styles and links in the sample pages will not work properly until you have configured "Settings" in EasyLeagues.biz.

Seamless Integration

You will need in your site three pages for presenting EasyLeagues.biz content:

  • A page for selecting the league.
  • A page for displaying the schedule for the selected league.
  • A page for displaying the standings for the selected league.

You may also want for your visitors:

  • A printer-friendly page for visitors to print the schedule.
  • A printer-friendly page for visitors to print the standings.

If you have choosen the EasyLeagues.biz on-line sign-up option, then you will also need:

  • A page for on-line sign-up.

Options For Displaying League Information

You and/or your website designer have spent considerable effort with the layout of your web pages. The EasyLeagues.biz content was created with this in mind, your league pages will appear as "just another page" in your site.

All of the EasyLeagues.biz content for your web pages will need to be retrived from the EasyLeagues.biz site. You or your site designer will have two options:

  • Have your website server fetch from the EasyLeagues.biz the league information.
  • Create an <iframe> (in-line frame) box for the league information to appear in.
  • Coming soon: direct your visitors to your content on the EasyLeagues.biz site.

The biggest challenge to including content from another site into your site will be getting your web pages to properly allow enough "space" on your page for the EasyLeagues.biz content without disturbing the layout of your league pages.

Choosing your option

Server-side fetch This option is the cleanest and best option, especially with mobile-device browsers such as the iPhone or Droid-based phones. However, you will need a small script (sample provided) on your web-site server to retrieve the EasyLeagues.biz content into your page.

Using an <iframe> (inline-frame) This option is probably the quick and dirty option. However, be aware that making sure the inline-frame is "tall enough" to display the various league pages can produce unexpected results in mobile browsers. Especially if you prefer to avoid having a vertical scroll bar for the inline-frame.

It should also be noted that some browsers have problems with rendering the <iframe> tag, and in fact the element has been deprecated for the "XHTML 1.0 STRICT" standard. Using a server-side fetch eliminates this problem and makes for more seemless rendering to the site visitory, regardless of what they are using for a browser.

Programming Flexibility

The samples provided are intended to be just quick-start samples (tested as fully XHTML-Transitional compliant).

Non-expert designers should be able to just copy and paste the required programming high-lighted in blue and green into their site pages, but be aware that the samples do not include any error handling for which you may want to obtain the services of a professional programmer.

For the knowledgable site-designer, the sample pages are well documented to provide detailed information about required and optional programming.