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Complete Control Of The Content Style

Setting up the EasyLeagues.biz CSS files is easy, just copy and paste to your site and you are ready to make changes to the style of the league information content!

You will need in your site three CSS files for styling EasyLeagues.biz content:

  • define the appearance of pages in your site.
  • define the appearance of pages that the visitor will print.
  • define the appearance of pages and reports that you will print from the EasyLeagues.biz site while performing routine tasks.

The EasyLeagues.biz content is fully tagged so that you can style practically any element. For example, you will be able to control the style of: fonts, back-ground colors, borders, column widths, to name just a few options.

You will need to configure from the "Maintenance Page" the "Establishment Settings" and "Sport Settings" so that EasyLeagues.biz can create your content with the correct CSS filenames you have saved. The quickest method to creating the CSS files you need will be to copy and paste from the samples to the files of your choosing on your site. The CSS files are also contained in the AllFilesZipped download (coming soon).

Preview CSS Files

Click the following links to view sample CSS files, then copy and paste the content into the CSS files saved on your site:

Standard Web Pages

Visitor Print Pages

Administrator Print Pages