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Professional Content In Your Site

Easily include league information into your web pages!

The EasyLeauge.biz system is flexible and powerful. You or your website designer have several options for implementing the EasyLeauge.biz content into your web pages, be assured that we have put a lot of effort into making this easy process. However, because of the powerful options available, some technical expertise will be required.

The setup process will involve three steps:

  • Adding the needed programming to your web pages.
  • Copying (and modifying) the needed CSS files to your site.
  • Configuring EasyLeagues.biz to work with the files on your site.

To provide seamless pages to visitors of your site, the EasyLeagues.biz site and your site will need to exchange information between the two sites. The options we have created for this to occur easily address all known best practice and security concerns.

Complete Control

Because the EasyLeague.biz loads style-sheet (CSS) files from your site, you have complete control over the appearance of all the league information! Just match the style of the EasyLeague.biz content to the rest of your website for a fully integrated appearance!